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Nova Scotia PNP Points
Calculator 2021

Nova Scotia PNP Points Calculator 2021

Nova Scotia can be an ideal destination for nature lovers as well as those who want economic opportunities together with the enjoyment of aesthetic beauty. Nova Scotia selects candidates for immigration through provincial nominations in an effort to fill the shortage of skilled workers in the province. For these reasons it has a demand express entry stream and also has direct application for nomination in the province.

Read this post to know all about Nova Scotia PNP Point Calculator with us.

The province of Nova Scotia Express Entry Stream is willing to nominate candidates who have high skills and are able to meet the educational qualification requirements and work experience for the region. The Nova Scotia immigration process has two categories (under NSNP) to help simplify the process.

  • Category A – This category is for applicants who have a full-time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer.
  • Category B – Minimum one year work experience in the last ten years in the province of Nova Scotia.

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Nova Scotia PNP Express Entry

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for your provincial nomination through the NSNP Express entry stream:

  • Valid profile in the Express Entry program
  • Score 67 points or more on six stream selection factors.
  • Receive a job offer from a Nova Scotia employer for full-time skilled work for at least one year after your permanent resident visa is issued. For any job offer to be valid for express entry and earning points, employers usually require an LMIA from ESDC.
  • Must have 1 year of skilled work experience related to work;
  • Must have a Canadian high school certificate or equivalent;
  • The Canadian language benchmark 7 requires proof of language proficiency in English or French
  • Show adequate financial resources for a successful settlement in Nova Scotia.

For more details on NSNP, check our page about Nova Scotia PNP.

Nova Scotia PNP Points Calculator 2021

When you apply for the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), you need to score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to maintain a valid express entry profile. The following tables illustrate how to calculate your NSNP points:

Factors Maximum Points Awarded
Education 25
Work Experience 15
Language Proficiency 28
Adaptability 10
Age 12
Arranged Employment 10

The following table further explains how each factor rewards the Nova Scotia Points Calculator 2021

Language Skills (Maximum 28 points)

The first official language

CLB Level Speaking Listening Reading Writing
CLB level 9 or more 6 6 6 6
CLB level 8 5 5 5 5
CLB level 7 4 4 4 4

Second Official Language

CLB Level Points
Minimum CLB 5 in four language abilities 4
CLB 4 or less in any four language abilities 0

Educational Qualification (Maximum 25 points)

Education Points
Doctoral (PhD) level or equivalent university degree 25
Master's degree from a university or equivalent or entry-to-practice professional degree (or equivalent) that is NOC 2016 Skill Level A, and licensed by a provincial regulatory body 23
Two or more Canadian post-secondary degrees or diplomas or equivalent (at least one must be for at least a three-year program) 22
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma three years or more or Equal program 21
Diploma for a Canadian postgraduate degree or two-year program, or equivalent 19
Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma for 1-year program 15
Canadian High School Diploma 5

Age (Maximum 12 points)

Age (In Years) Points
Under 18 0
18-35 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
47 and older 0

Arranged Employment: Candidates can get 10 points if they have a full time job offer for a profession classified under National Occupation Classification (NOC) Skills Type 0, A, or B.

Arranged Employment Points
Working in Canada an LMIA based work permit in a profession listed under NOC Skill Level 0, A or B 10
Work in Canada but, it is on LMIA exempt work permit or the work permit if through PNP 10
No work permit but allowed to work in Canada 10
Has a valid work permit to work in Canada but this is not the first 2 situations 10

Adaptability: Candidates can earn a maximum of 10 points under this category if their spouse or common-law partner accompany in Canada:

Adaptability Points
Language level of spouse or partners: CLB level 4 or higher 5
Candidate's past studies in Canada: Must have completed at least two years of full-time study at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada 5
Spouse’s or partner’s previous work in Canada: Spouse has completed a minimum of 2 years of full-time study at a secondary or post-secondary school in Canada 5
Candidate's previous work in Canada: Minimum 1- year full-time work experience in Canada: In a job listed in Skill Type 0 or Skill type A or B of NOC, and With a valid work permit or while authorized to work in Canada 10
Spouse’s or partner’s past work in Canada:
Spouse or partner has a minimum of one year full-time work experience in Canada when valid work permit or approved to work in the country
Arranged employment in Canada 5