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About Us

About Us

About Us

Kals Immigration

Kals Immigration is one of the most trusted institutions in the world today for immigration candidates. The institute was established in 2020 by Mr. Gurpratap Kalas and Sandeep Kals. We have gained a reputation as a world-class immigration consultant with countless years of experience providing the best immigration solutions.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective immigration solutions so that they can move forward towards their goals and fulfill their dreams abroad.

If you want to study abroad and try to go abroad for another purpose, we are most concerned about how to make your dream come true. We have strong evidence that many of our clients have successfully settled abroad

Company Profile

Kals Immigration is an accredited, trusted Canadian immigration consultancy organization. This organization was established in 2020 by Mr. Gurpratap Kalas and Sandeep Kals. Our goal was to help immigration candidates succeed in their goals and provide the right direction, professional advice and appropriate solutions.

We have been successfully and proudly providing various immigration counseling and visa services in Canada, including student visas, tourist visas, all express entry programs, other federal programs - super visas, various provincial designated programs.

  • Best Consultation
  • Seamless Immigration
  • Exceptional Services
  • Trusted and experienced organization

Our Team

Our President Mr. Gurpratap Singh is accompanied by highly skilled members such as Manager, Processing Officer, Case Processing Executive Student Counselor, Academician, Visa Counselor Immigration Advisor, Client Relationship Manager, and Administrative Assistant.

Each member of our team is highly skilled and has gained the necessary experience in various fields related to immigration properly.

So they are capable enough to accurately and easily represent clients with designated organizations such as Refugee and Citizenship Canada, Service Canada, Immigration, Provincial Designated Program Offices.

Not only that, but more importantly, they are always sensitive to the needs of immigration candidates and always ready to give them the right advice.

Each of our members is fully focused on helping you reach your goals. Our team is very sensitive in paying attention to the details when filling out your application. So that your Canadian immigration documents are processed professionally, ethically, properly.

Their experience, efforts and advice will play a 100% effective role in fulfilling your dreams. Our team is fully dedicated to letting you live a better, productive and satisfying life in your dream country.

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