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Ontario Provincial Nominee
Program Requirements 2021

How do you migrate to Ontario?

Ontario is the most sought after province in Canada because it is the center of Canada's economic, political and social life. It is the most populous province in Canada and about 40 per cent of Canada's population lives in the province. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) allows the Ontario provincial government to nominate potential immigrants who can contribute to the province's economic development.

OINP has the following sub-divisions designed to welcome immigrants with diverse backgrounds such as skilled workers, business immigrants and graduates:

  • Department of Human Capital
  • Employer job offer department
  • Department of Business

Find out if I am eligible for Permanent Residency in Ontario or Not?

Overview of OINP sections

Department of Human Capital

Ontario’s Human Capital subdivision emphasizes immigrants ’experience, skills, or ability to make suggestions that they can easily join local labor market forces. It basically has five sections which are divided into two categories:

Ontario Express Entry Stream

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)’s Express Entry stream is an “enhanced” stream that is in-line with the federal government’s Express entry program. For a candidate to be eligible to apply under this stream, they must have an active Express Entry profile. Three streams under OINP’s Express entry are as follows:

  • Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priority Stream: This stream allows OINP Express Entry registered applicants to apply for provincial nominations. Express entry candidates who have the required education, skilled work experience, and other great features are invited to this stream. OINP's newly launched tech draws are held through OINP Human Capital Priority Stream.
  • Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream: Through this stream, the province of Ontario can nominate / select a candidate for French-speaking Express entry with work experience, English language proficiency, and other major requirements.
  • Ontario Express Entry Efficient Trades System: This stream allows the province to target traders with ongoing or recent work experience in the province.

About the minimum requirements for OINP's express entry stream

The following table outlines the basic criteria for qualifying in various categories under the Ontario PNP-Express Entry Stream:

Category Minimum Requirement Job-offer required?
Human Capital Priorities Contains a valid express entry profile and meets the minimum CRS score requirements set by the OINP Director No
French-Speaking Skilled Worker Has valid express entry profile with CLB Level 7 or better French proficiency and CLB Level 6 or better English proficiency No
Skilled Trades Stay in the Express Pool as a Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidate and must be living in the province with work experience in listed skilled trades No

What does OINP Tech Draw mean?

The tech draw is a new opportunity under the OINP Human Capital Priority Stream with the main objective of identifying immigrants with technical skills in the federal government's express pool. For candidates who are OINP investigators:

  • Human capital is able to meet the minimum requirements of the priority stream
  • Has targeted work experience in targeted national occupation classification (NOC) codes

Below is a list of NOC codes targeted for technical possession under technical drawing:

  • Software Engineer and Designer (NOC Code 2173)
  • Computer Engineer (NOC Code 2147)
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC code 2174)
  • Web Designers and Developers (NOC Code 2175)
  • Database Analysis and Data Administrator (NOC Code 2172)
  • Directors of Computer and Information Systems (NOC Code 0213)

These tech professions are selected to meet the needs of Ontario employers by engaging with stakeholders across the province through a survey and face-to-face consultation.

What are the documents required for the application of OINP Express Entry Human Capital Priority Stream 2021?

Candidates need to scan and upload copies of the following mandatory documents including the application:

  • Notice of Interest (NOI) from Ontario
  • Identity documents
  • Status documents in Canada
  • Documents of education
  • Language test results
  • Document of employment assistance in the province (if applicable)
  • Proof of funding
  • Other allied documents (If applicable)

International undergraduate stream

The international undergraduate stream targets recently graduated international students who have recently earned a master’s or doctoral degree from a suitable Ontario University.

  • Masters Graduate Stream: International students who have graduated from a qualified educational institution in the province of Ontario can apply for provincial nominations under this stream. It is not mandatory to have a job offer under this stream.
  • D Graduate Stream: International students who have graduated from PhD. Appropriate Ontario educational stream programs are eligible to apply under this stream.

Employer job-offer department

Under this section, eligible Ontario employers may offer legal employment to immigrants and / or international students in the province.

  • International Student Stream: International students with job offers are able to apply for Ontario Provincial Nomination through this stream.
  • In-demand stream: Immigrants with experience in occupational occupations such as farming or construction or have received a job offer to permanently settle and work in the province.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements for OINP employers under the job-offer department?

The following table outlines the initial criteria for qualifying in various categories under the Ontario PNP-Employers Job-Offer section:

Category Minimum Requirements Job-offer required
International Student Graduate from a degree program at a Canadian educational institution with a minimum two-year term or diploma, or a university with a minimum one-year postgraduate certificate program Yes
Foreign Worker Have a permanent job offer in a skilled professions Yes
In-demand Skills Recently the province has worked to occupy high demand in agriculture or construction Yes

What is the OINP application processing time in 2021?

Ontario PNP application processing largely depends on the stream candidates submitting their application. Applications that require more information or clarification may require more processing time.

The following table illustrates the application processing time for different OINP streams:

OINP Stream Estimated Processing Time
Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker 60-90 days
Express Entry Human Capital Priorities 60-90 days
Express Entry Skilled Trades 30-60 days
Masters Graduate 30-60 days
Ph.D. Graduate 30-60 days
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker 60-90 days
Employer Job Offer: International Student 60-90 days
Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills 60-90 days
Entrepreneur Stream Depends on the complexity of the application


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