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Post Landing Services
In Canada

How Kals Immigration Visas Will Help You With Pre-arrival and Post-arrival Issues in Canada!

You may be confident that you will get your Permanent Residence (PR) visa in Canada, but we know that you have some doubts about pre-landing and post-landing, right?

You might be wondering what to do after landing abroad and how to prepare to reach your dream destination? No reason to worry! We are always ready to give you the right solution to your problem. Then visit the page without delay, and learn how Callus Immigration Visa can help and guide you on issues of pre-arrival and post-arrival in Canada.

Post Landing Services for Canada

Immigration completes only 30% of the entire transfer process. Reaching a new destination requires a lot of preparation. We take care of the remaining 70% of our clients through personalized settlement services so that they can live well in Canada. We help our valued clients to fulfill their dreams in the destination country.

We know that you will feel lonely and helpless if you don't have a good support system in the new place, or if you don't know anyone.

In that case, our great post landing services will provide you with all possible assistance and guidance in settling abroad quickly and in the right way.

We will help you find a good and affordable accommodation to provide you with all possible post landing services you need from airport pickup services to your arrival in Canada. With Kals Immigration onboard you are never alone in Canada.


Know about our airport pickup facilities

  1. Help with the documents you need to show at the airport
  2. Sharing information on how to get to your hotel Airbnb / Hotel from the airport.
  3. Provides information about the driving license process and helps you get your license.
  4. Providing you with accurate information on how to buy your first car
  5. Provide information on how to buy your car insurance
  6. Informing you of various transportation options
  7. Sharing information about how to travel to Canada without a car
  8. Informing you about travel card information: Informing you about Presto card and how to get it
  9. Sharing information about how you can use Google Maps to get anywhere by train and bus more
  • Know support and assistance with Canadian processes
  1. Provide information regarding the health card application process
  2. Provide accurate information regarding the initial temporary application process
  3. It is compulsory for a foreigner to work in Canada. Provide accurate information on how to apply for your 9-digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number).
  4. Provide information on how to save your taxes if you do not have a job
  5. Information on how to get a PhotoGI license / ID to supply
  • The help and support that we provide
  1. Finding the main things you need for your new home abroad, such as bed, mattress, etc.
  2. Help you learn how to sign up for free English and French classes.
  3. Provide assistance with how to apply for a bank account and credit card.
  4. SIM card support offers and helps you decide which card you will get in Canada.
  5. Sharing information about places where you can buy cheap groceries
  6. Provide information on where you can buy cheap decor or home furnishings.
  7. Help you find a better place to stay and connect with the top realtors.
  • Assistance in job hunting
  1. Provide important detailed information on various professional licensing or registration requirements and provide all related assistance in this regard.
  2. Provide information on a comprehensive list of potential employers in Canada.
  3. Provide information about various exams to get professional registration and license.
  4. Provide accurate information and support for helpful and results-oriented job search.
  5. Helping you resubmit your resume to the Canadian format.
  6. Draft your resume cover letters
  7. Aggressively so that it reaches the target employers and agencies in the country of Canada.
  8. Helping you prepare for important interviews.