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Alberta Provincial Nominee
Program 2021

What is Alberta PNP (AINP) Eligibility Criteria?

The Alberta PNP Express Entry program is one of the fastest ways to get a residency permit in the city of Alberta. All the applicants are required to fulfill certain eligibility or selection criteria in order to be nominated by the program. Check the detailed AINP Selection criteria below to know your eligibility for the program.

  • Applicants should have an active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool.
  • Minimum 1 years of work experience in any occupation which supports Alberta’s economic development and diversification.
  • A CRS score of 300 or above
  • Applicants need to have an IELTS score of band 6 or above in each module
  • Intention to work and live in Alberta

Below factors can improve the applicant’s chances to receive notification of interest letter to Alberta PNP:

  • Relatives residing in Alberta
  • Post secondary education certificate from Alberta
  • Fresh job offer/prior work experience in Alberta

Applicants need to note that notification of interest (NOI) letter does not act as a guarantee for approval of nomination for Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. Once an applicant receives the NOI, he/she needs to submit documentary evidence to claim their points & credentials within 30 days. Anyone who fails to submit the required documents and credentials will have their NOI withdrawn. Petitions to review the application can be submitted within 30 days and the Province may postmark your application within 60 days after receiving the application.

Check your eligibility for AINP, by calculating your Alberta PNP points with the help of our AINP Points Calculator!!!

What is the Alberta Express Entry Program?

Alberta Express Entry Program comes under the federal skilled worker express entry program. There is no separate express entry profile creation to apply for Alberta Express Entry Program. Applicants will have to create a Federal express entry profile and will have to select the province Alberta under their wishlist provinces to migrate.

Alberta Express Entry program is a stream under the AINP to nominate skilled people for a permanent residency visa in Alberta. This stream gives permission to the province to nominate a limited number of qualified people from the federal express entry pool.

Eligible and qualified candidates are directly selected from the express entry pool by Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP). Candidates need to receive a notification of interest in their federal express entry portal (NOI) before they submit their application to the province.

Selection from Express Entry Pool for a Notification of interest from the Province

All the occupations which are high in demand in the province will have more chances of getting a notification of interest from the province. The occupation in demand list is not permanent and these occupations keep on changing subject to the demand of the labor market of the province.

You may receive a notification of interest:

  • If you have an active Express Entry Profile with at least 67 points
  • If you have expressed interest in permanently migrating to Alberta
  • if you have at least a score of 300 in the comprehensive ranking system (CRS)
  • If your occupation strengthens the economy of the Province

Adaptabilities which can increase the chances of a notification of Interest

  • If you have a blood relative living in Alberta: Brother/Sister/Parent/Child
  • If you have a valid job offer or work experience in Alberta
  • If you have completed your studies from Alberta

Your chances to receive a notification of interest may decrease if

  • Your Express Entry profile is about to expire in 3 months
  • You submit your application under many AINP streams
  • Your occupation is ineligible to apply for the AINP program

What is an International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (EOI)?

International skilled worker Expression of interest is submitted through Federal skilled worker Express Entry portal. Applicants must score 67 points under the Federal skilled worker program to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. Creation of Express Entry profile by submitting all the required information is called Expression of interest to settle in Canada. Applicants must select Alberta in their application as a preferred province to settle permanently to apply for Alberta Express Entry stream.

Only those profiles are given notification of interest which are more qualified because of occupations in demand, relatives in Alberta or have a job offer although there is no limit to the number of applications to submit an expression of interest under Express entry profile.

International skilled worker Expression of Interest submission is not considered as an application to AINP. It is a type of pre-application which allows an aspirant to express their interest and showcase their profile to the province. There is no fee to create an Expression of interest. It takes around 60 to 90 minutes of time to complete the application. It requires you to submit your personal details like Age,education,work experience, language scores, details of your family, details of your past studies,relatives in Canada etc.

So, your interest submission through an online application to move to canada is called Expression of interest. Applicants having the required qualification for Alberta’s job market are selected through the Skilled Worker EOI system and are issued an “Invitation to Apply.”

How to apply for Alberta Express Entry Stream?

The application procedure of Alberta Immigration through AINP begins once the candidate has received a notification of interest or in other words an application from AINP inviting them to apply. The complete step by step procedure to apply for the AINP program is explained below.

Step 1- Create a Federal Skilled worker Express Entry Profile

The first step towards Alberta Express Entry stream is to create an Express Entry profile under the Federal skilled worker program and select Alberta as a province to settle down permanently.

Step 2 – Wait for the notification of interest to apply for Alberta PNP

The second step for the applicant is to wait for the province to send an interest letter to apply for the Alberta Provincial nominee program. This interest letter is issued looking at the occupation of the applicant if that is in demand and those occupations that are not filled up by the current permanent residents and citizens of Canada.

Step 3 – Receive the Notification of the letter of interest to apply for Alberta PNP

The applicant receives the notification of interest to apply for Alberta Provincial nominee program.

Step 4 – Submission of PNP application under Alberta Express Entry

After receiving the notification of interest from the province the applicant needs to submit their application within 30 days under the Alberta Immigration nominee program with all required documents.

Step 5 – Receive 600 points for nomination certificate from Alberta PNP

The applicant must wait to receive a nomination approval from the province which awards 600 points under the Federal Express Entry program.

Step 6 – Wait for Next Express Entry round of invitation Draw

After addition of 600 points in the applicant’s existing profile, the applicant must receive an invitation to apply for a Canada PR visa in the next express entry draw.

Step 7 – Final PR Visa application Submission

After receiving the invitation to apply through a general express entry round of invitations, applicants need to submit their application within 60 days of time with all required documents.

Candidates need to show a strong desire and likelihood towards settling down permanently in Alberta and AINP reserves the right to decline applications which do seem fit under their criteria.

You can check your occupation in demand before applying for an Alberta Express Entry program. click here to know yours

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